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Looking for the best motorcycle helmets for every type of riding? You’ve come to the right place. 

Motorcycle helmets are serious business, because not only are they legally required in most states, they’re also the single most important piece of riding gear you can wear to help ensure your survival in a motorcycle crash. Not all helmets are the same, just as not all heads are the same, so finding the right size, shape and style is super important but not always easy.

We’re here to help make two of those choices a little simpler. Learning how to properly measure your head for a helmet is up to you, but it’s critical that you do it correctly to ensure the best and safest fit.

Our recommendations are based on personal experience, safety certifications, user reviews and sales data, and should provide you with plenty of information to confidently buy your next helmet. Make sure to read on afterward for helpful tips when shopping for your next motorcycle helmet.

Buy motorcycle helmet for the street in Chennai

So, you’re an average motorcycle rider with an average-shaped head, riding a street bike and you want an all-around helmet that’s going to work well in 99% of situations to make you feel safe and comfortable, but which helmet do you buy? Well, if you’ve got a medium-sized budget, you get the Axxis.

The Axxis is a rare helmet that offers great protection with a Snell 2020 rating, tons of sizes with lots of shell sizes to maximize comfort and minimize weight, as well as great looks and good ventilation. If someone is looking for a helmet and they don’t know what to buy, this is our favorite starting point.

Buy motorcycle helmet for the street runner-up in Chennai

When most people think of AGV, they probably don’t think of affordably priced helmets designed for everyday riding, and yet, that’s just what it came out with when it debuted the K6. It’s a $500 full-face helmet with four shell sizes, most of which come in at under 3 pounds. The K6 is ECE certified and even comes with a Pinlock insert in the box. It’s also super handsome and available in a bunch of colors and graphic designs.

The only reason it doesn’t beat out the Shoei is its ventilation scheme. The K6 has plenty of vents, but they’re small and some testers found them a little fiddly to open with gloves on. That’s it. We even like the face shield change mechanism better than Shoei’s.

Best motorcycle helmet for long-oval heads in Chennai

Not all heads are created equally, and while different-sized domes are something that everyone considers when buying a helmet, differently shaped heads might not be. Arai has thought of that and offers a pair of helmets with identical features, but for different head shapes.

Most Americans have what’s called an intermediate oval head shape. That’s what most helmet manufacturers cater to, but your author was blessed with not only a giant noggin, but one that’s a longer oval shape. This means that regular helmets create hot spots, mostly on the forehead, but the long oval shape of the Signet-X gets rid of that completely.

The Signet-X features Arai’s hand-laid complex weave shell, round shell shape for impact deflection and micro-adjustable cheek pads. It’s got removable padding all around, including an emergency cheek pad removal system for EMTs to use if a motorcyclist has been in a crash. It comes with a Pinlock insert and carries the Snell M2020 certification for safety.

Best motorcycle helmet for round-oval heads in Chennai

So, as we’ve established, most motorcycle helmets cater to the intermediate oval head shape, and the Arai Signet-X covers the long oval, but what are you supposed to do if you have a more rounded head shape? Arai Helmets has you covered, too, with its Quantum-X helmet. It’s identical to the Signet-X from a features and certification standpoint, but because a proper-fitting helmet is key for crash safety and comfort, round-heads should look here.


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