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You can make Instagram giveaways easily and Free Instagram comment picker. By typing the link of your Instagram giveaway post, you can pull automatic comments and find the giveaway win automatically. Finding the Instagram raffle is completely free.

Instagram comment picker tool finds all the comments under the url you specify, automatically detects the giveaway win in the criteria you specify and shows you. You can take video recordings or show screenshots to your followers to determine the boiler.

The #1 Instagram Giveaway Picker

Really All Entries and Transparent Results

Its really receives all engagements on your posts, not last a few engagements as other apps do.

  • Lists all entries on result page to prove that.
  • So, your followers see the list and make sure that the results are safe.
  • Therefore, it may take longer to getting all interactions such as comments and likes from your post compared to other giveaway sites.
  • The list of all data, such as comments, likes, retweets, etc. received for your giveaways, is stored in our secure databases for at least 15 days so that you can show the reliability of your giveaways and listed on your results page.

Everything you need for Instagram Giveaways!

Make Unlimited Giveaways

You can make unlimited giveaways to grow up your account.

Create Blacklist

You can create a black list of users who will not be selected as winners.

Export List

You can export whole your entries list to a XLS file.

All Other Features Including

Also includes single credit features like advanced rules, set count down and more

Unlimited Repeat

You can restart your contest unlimitedly with the same post.

Set Count Down

You can set duration of animation count down.

Check Advanced Rules

You can check if each winner follows the accounts you specify or if they have pictures, names or bios and more.

Combine Multiple Platforms

You can combine multiple post’s belongs different socia media platforms for a giveaway.

Create Certificate

You can create sharable certificate for results.

List Results

You can list results in Resulted Giveaways . Prove that your results are fair.


Its actually reaches all the comments and likes on your post and picks random winners from entries that follow the set rules. Thus, as long as the rules are followed, the first to comment and the last to comment have a chance to win.
Instagram Giveaways on are completely safe. The winners are selected on the end user screen, regardless of the server. Due to the system design, it is not possible for anyone, including personnel, to manipulate or predict the giveaway results.
By sharing the link of the results page of your giveaway with your followers, you can have them review your results. In addition, with the certificate created specifically for the results of your giveaway, you show that your results is reliable.
You can easily draw with all your posts on Instagram, such as post, carousels, videos and reels. Simply copy the link of your post and paste it into the Instagram Giveaway Tool.

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