Free Press Release Distribution Service

The more journalists and media outlets your business press release reaches, the better your chances of getting publicity. So for added exposure without a big investment, we found the five legit and truly free press release distribution services to give your press release even more media visibility and better odds of success.

If there’s one thing that gets me riled up, it’s SEO marketers proclaiming that backlinks earned through press releases have zero SEO benefit.

This, I’m afraid to say, shows they probably don’t understand the PR world anywhere near as well as they understand the SEO world.

The idea that press releases don’t work for SEO originates from a time when black hat SEO was all the range, until Google put a stop to anyone meddling in the backlink dark arts. From that point, it became the common misconception that the press release and SEO were like oil and water.

However, as I’m going to get into, this isn’t quite the whole story.

So before I explain why this is a myth that needs quashing, and how backlinks earned through press release can be good for SEO, let me provide a bit of press release backlink history.

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