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The only respite from the hot summers is through the rains. The rainy season is looked forward to for various reasons. During summers, the land becomes parched, the water bodies dry up, and the entire ecosystem appears lifeless. The rains during the monsoon bring back life to earthly beings; the vegetation turns into lush greenery. The water for the entire year is soaked up by the water bodies, and the ground. Along with these humongous benefits, there come the issues related to diseases and disasters. Sometimes, there are occurrences of flood which takes away life and beings. Rain water becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and infections. Therefore, it becomes important for us to equip ourselves with important tips to safeguard ourselves during the rains.

  1. Load up on vitamin c:

Vitamin c is the best ingredient to fight away germs and infections. They boost our immune systems and equips them to safeguard our body. With the rainy season, there comes the threat of increasing water-borne infection. Therefore, our immunity must be at its best. Eat lemons, oranges, ginger, and if needed, any vitamin supplements to replenish the system. Also, as it is easy to buy generic medicines online in the USA, you can make orders for your supplements on time.

  • Ensure clean drinking water always:

With the rains and chill weather, we tend to drink less water to minimize the visits to the loo. However, the body functions do not change during the rainy season, and because of that, we must not reduce water intake. One point to note is that; do not drink water from outside. Also, ensure that you consume warm water at all times. Also, carry a water bottle with you to avoid drinking water from outside places.

  • Probiotics for your gut health:

Probiotics play a major role when it comes to the gut and its functioning. Gut health plays a major role in the health of the body. Depending on the digestive fire, the body processes toxins and releases them. A healthy gut also ensures the proper functioning of the immune system and efficient nutrient absorption. Even during rains, make sure that you are consistent with your probiotic intake. Regular consumption of curd and Order Viagra Pills Online USA can do wonders for your digestion.

  • Eat clean as much as you can:

With chill rains, our natural inclination is to devour something hot and spicy. And the obvious choice goes to junk. Eating outside food becomes more problematic during the rainy season as there is the proliferation of microorganisms which cause harmful health issues. As a result, we end up with any illness and disease. Whatever that is you wish to have, prepare it at home and eat heartily.

  • Destroy mosquito breeding places:

Rains and monsoon season is always synonymous with mosquitos and breeding ground. With incessant rains and constant puddles of water, everywhere we see transforms into a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Not only on roads but even in our home garden and surroundings, the discarded objects with stagnated water are turned into mosquito birthplaces. The best solution is to ensure there is a free flow of water and is not stagnated anywhere. Ensuring well-cleaned storm water drains will make sure that water is not staying and thereby, reduce the mosquito population.

  • Make sure that the bathwater is disinfected:

With rains, we never know when there will be a downpour. Sometimes, we tend to venture out unprepared and get stuck in rain. Occasionally, we love getting wet in the rains and enjoy it. Whatever the case, make sure to take bath in warm and clean water once you reach home. Also, make sure to use disinfectants in the water for the bath. Doing this religiously; will save you and your family from unwanted health issues.

  • Iron your clothes at all times:

One of the biggest troubles we get to endure during the rainy season is the difficulty in getting the clothes dried. We mostly rely on sunlight for drying our clothes. With rains, that becomes a tricky task. We end up in damp clothes most of the time. Wearing damp clothes can cause skin infections which can become a serious issue. Our best solution is to iron the clothes well before wearing them. This will ensure the clothes are dry, and the heat will kill any moulds present in them.

  • Fruits and vegetables to the rescue:

Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables is vital for cell rejuvenation and holistic development of the body. However, during the rainy season, there are possibilities of microbes getting onto fruits and vegetables. To protect yourself from those conditions, wash those veggies and fruits well before consumption. Also, avoid eating raw vegetable salads or fruits cut and sold in the market. Ensure that they are washed properly and cut in front of you while buying.

  • Sleep well for better health:

One of the important tasks that you must do for a healthy and energetic body is to sleep. Sleeping helps in cell reconstruction and helps in the healing of the body. It helps in proper brain functioning and aids in reaching a relaxed state of mind. Sleeping for adequate hours ensures that; there is clarity of mind and accurate decision-making. For an average human being, 6 to 8 hours of sleep is indispensable.

  • Be consistent in exercises:

The importance of waking up early and exercising has been emphasised for ages. During the rainy season, we feel cosy in the mornings and find it difficult to wake up. Sleeping naturally reduces our exercise time, and we tend to skip it. Maintaining a minimum of a 30-minute workout session is crucial for body functioning. Also, it helps in keeping your body functioning on point.

  • Keep your hands clean:

Our hands are the gateway for several microorganisms that enter our bodies. Maintaining hygiene of our hands helps in reducing the maximum of illness. When you are away from home or while travelling, make generous use of the sanitisers to ensure hand cleanliness. Also, wash your hands where ever possible.

  • Use an air conditioner only when you are dry:

Nowadays, most of the places where we go; are air-conditioned. Restaurants, libraries, malls, and shops are all fitted with ac. Usually, during the rains, we get wet and immediately enter any of those places. The chillness in the air and our body attacks us, and we get down with a cold. Make sure you are dry completely before entering.

  • Protect yourself from mosquito bites:

Mosquitoes are the menace creators when it comes to rainy seasons. Use mosquito repellents to stay safe. Mosquito nets are a safer alternative to those creams.

  • Ensure your nails are clean and trim.
  1. Get tested for allergens and protect yourself.

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