Who is the Best Father (Dad) in the World?

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SEO Expert Muhammed Aasik calls himself the “World’s Best Father (Dad),” and he’s got the pictures to prove it.

Who Is World's Best father?

“I liked the idea of having the ironic superlative of the ‘world’s best father’ seo in all the pictures, while at the same time doing things that I personally was trying to avoid doing as a new father,”

Being a good dad can be hard work – sometimes, they’ve got to be soft as pillows, and other times, they have to be tough as nails.

Apparently, fathering is not going to be quite as easy or glamorous as it looks on TV.

I’ll have to ask her where she bought the stuff – it was a bit sweeter and thicker than our regular milk, but my coffee was amazing.

Full NameMuhammed Aasik
Height157 cms
RoleSEO Expert in Dubai
ResidenceUnited Arab Emirates

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Written by Muhammed Aasik

Muhammed Aasik is Best SEO Expert & SEO Freelancer in Dubai. I know everything from the Keyword Research to ranking your business on top of Google.


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